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Before our pursuit of justice for Diana commences, we offer our congratulations to their royal highness’s the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their son, and our future monarch, prince George. May you all enjoy much happiness. I trust that both William and Harry will also welcome justice for their beloved mother. To both I ask that they trust the people, no matter what damage may ensue; they are on your side

Having spent years writing The Princess Diana Conspiracy other thoughts inevitably come to mind so I thought to mention these to you as we progress.

It is, perhaps, appropriate I first tell you that I am not an anti-monarchist. But then it might appear logical to others that I am not. The Princess Diana Conspiracy was written as much out of love as anger in that I, in common with many of my fellow countrymen, was very fond of Diana and greatly admired her spirit. As I stated in my book I wish to see that she is victorious even in death and for that to happen her greatest wish must come true; that her son William should be King so, no monarchy, no King.

First, however, we focus on the British people’s justice and the abuse enforced upon us by the war criminal prime minister of ours, Tony Blair, who masterminded the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of women and children in Iraq, blowing their legs, heads and arms off for no reason whatsoever and against the British people’s will and illustrating very clearly how our democracy works; there isn’t one. All purportedly to enforce a “democratic” system of government on Iraq that they didn’t want; who is conning who.

He is the man who also enforced the judiciary and the police to pervert the course of the people’s justice and abuse their integrity in the process in order to con the British people that Diana was not murdered but died in an accident. They feared that the monarchy would fall but should have trusted the British people who are not fools. Justice doesn’t mean that the monarchy will end, only that those within it responsible for this evil crime will be dealt with by the people’s justice and whatever happens to the monarchy is for the people’s democracy to determine in any event; isn’t it. Diana must have justice.

Remember your rage and despair then; remember it now as we journey.

Consider the known fact that Diana, Princess of Wales, was chosen to be a royal bride from the age of 15/16 and for a man who was in love with another. She was married to Charles, Prince of Wales when she was just 20 years old and discarded after five years when Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, had told Charles that he could leave her, after she had fulfilled her contract; one she was not party to and would certainly have rejected had she known the terms.

One could reasonably consider that not only was Diana deceived about the royal’s intentions and that the contract was a deception but also she had been groomed for a long period just to satisfy their need for heirs. Is anyone able to imagine what would happen to them if they behaved in like manner or are we all to accept there is one law for the royals and another for the people?

I believe that grooming is a criminal offence in the UK, so where is the criminal prosecution for destroying Diana’s life and treating her this way?

I have been told by a few people that they believe the truth about Diana’s fate should be kept secluded because of the hurt and disruption it would now cause; this includes perfectly normal, intelligent people. So, if you agree with this view, it means that one particular family may do exactly as they please, even commit murder, and then walk away Scott (Baker) free.

Also, since the deception and abuse of the people’s justice during Diana’s inquest could not have happened without support from the Police, Judiciary and Politicians in power at the time, then must we be content to permit these people to pervert our justice and abuse us at will. Not on my watch. The two main themes of my book are justice for Diana and a demand for this justice and democracy to be openly visible to the people. Just ask yourselves; why should the people tolerate any less and why might it be considered preferable not to reveal the truth now. Why should Diana not be avenged?

Do you believe that the evidence presented in this book should be investigated by a respectable and trustworthy police officer who would have complete discretion and unlimited powers afforded him by the Prime Minister? Who are you able to think of; are you in difficulty. One such officer, John Yates of the Yard, had the courage to face down senior politicians, including Tony Blair, and obtained his just reward by being dismissed, ostensibly because of the hacking scandal. Politicians just don’t like people they cannot control but paradoxically this is precisely what the people need. Someone who will pursue the truth regardless of where it takes them otherwise how will we ever know whether some issues have been surreptitiously side-tracked? It is essential if we are ever to become a democracy that such a man holds sway.

About Alan Power

The author has enjoyed a variety of interests including being a drama student, an official candidate of the Conservative party and owning his own company but this is his first journey into the world of writing.