The Princess Diana Conspiracy

princess-diana-conspiracy-alan-power-coverRevised Edition: Published February 2014

This book seeks justice for Diana and presents extremely incriminating evidence that all democratic nations should embrace.

  • It is proven the paparazzi were kept away from court through “political intervention”
  • The decision to embalm Diana was taken at a “diplomatic level”
  • MI6 previously attempted to “pervert the course of justice” and are forced into acknowledging they murder people
  • Senior police officers compared evidence to “get their stories straight” during the inquest and repeatedly sidestepped crucial questions, plus much more.

The authorities are examined both pre and post the Paris attack. Disturbing evidence is presented and questions are raised over Britain’s “democracy” where the people are supposed to be the law.

If you share this book’s view that this heinous act was intolerable then consider—Diana’s murder needed the nod from someone in a position of considerable power or influence, so who gave the order?

Post attack, the authorities were shamefully coerced into cooperating with a subterfuge just because the people’s justice endangered one family and, of course, MI6—clearly an abuse of the people’s democracy.

This book shows evidence of murder that any honest court would accept.

Excerpts from The Princess Diana Conspiracy

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