Problems with selling The Princess Diana Conspiracy

No support, prevarication then books destroyed by Amazon.

MI6 have prevented my book from being sold, using all sorts of creative ideas; it’s what they do for a living. But all thinking souls will immediately realise they must have reasons for this to be considered necessary in our “democracy”. Why don’t they put me on TV, denounce my work and ask people to comment on what the books have to say? I think we all know the answer.

My first shipment to the USA was prevented from reaching the US market and turned back to the UK with subsequently telling the world, when my books finally arrived in the US that they were made of “hazardous materials” (Amazon email available). People therefore couldn’t buy it during my four US TV shows and five US radio shows around September 2013; the critical time for my book’s exposure although, despite this, I still managed to sell 1600 books in the first eight days before the corruption took hold.

I was also on the Geraldo show in New York and didn’t know Imogen Lloyd-Webber (MI6 and Andrew’s daughter) would be in the studio to debunk my views. She was asked about my book but didn’t produce much criticism; she merely evaded specific issues and said we should all concentrate on pleasant things such as baby George; fine, once we have justice for Diana but perhaps justice should have first crossed her mind?

But please note that there is much more to MI6’s ambition than just removing my book from your reach; MI6 need to remove people’s desire to read it and for people to lose faith altogether in everything I have said, otherwise people will find a way. Please consider this point as you read about MI6 strategy concerning their handling of my book and their interposed “errors”.

On re-launching my book, after MI6 “errors” were removed (The eBook changes were completed by October 2013), it should have been simple to re-set my listings and tell you all about these happenings. Tell you what I needed to do with my book and respond to your questions. In a democracy this would be a simple matter, wouldn’t it. So what has happened since March 2014?

Having corrected the eBook my revised, hardcopy book (interposed errors removed) was ready for distribution in March and available on the Web, or so I thought, by April. Both and discovered all sorts of issues that previously were never an issue and the book was not available (This footnote was written on 4th July 2014); and so it has remained since that time.

My listings remained beset with problems despite nearly 800 updated hardcover copies sitting in Amazon’s warehouse in the US and 480 in the UK since April 2014 with significant reserves at the printers (I pulped around 1450 of my first edition books because of MI6; I must send them a bill). I also had another issue with delivery to the US; my books took three weeks, not three days, to deliver. I discovered Amazon US had removed my privileges; they then told me I would need to return my books to England and send them back to the US after I followed an Amazon representative’s instructions to the letter.

I had been in constant discussion with Amazon to see whether democracy stands ahead of state corruption and I contacted Jeff Bezos’ executive team (Amazon CEO); I spoke briefly with a lady called Laura and then a guy called Brad who tried to be helpful for a few weeks and tried to assist by making my books available; he knew they had been blocked. After a few weeks he abruptly told me he was sorry but he couldn’t help me anymore. In September 2016 I had a communication from Amazon US telling me that my destruction order on all nearly 800 hardcopy books had been completed; I obviously didn’t consent to this corruption but all my books on the US Amazon site have now been maliciously destroyed; no compensation given.

The 480 revised books, placed on the UK Amazon site in March 2014, are still on that site today; not one has been allowed to be sold. A few other sellers have been allowed to sell it by buying it from wholesalers and re-selling it although I get virtually nothing from these sales but by permitting a few sales MI6 can claim there is no censorship. As stated, before the corruption began, I sold c. 1600 hardcover books in the first eight days of release-until the boys in grey entered the fray. I am treated like a terrorist.

Amazon also permitted a criminal book that criticised me with a pack of lies to remain on their site despite many protestations from lawyers (It’s still there). It was proven to be lies but nothing was done to have it removed. I was then advised by lawyers to write a response that dealt with all these lies but that Dissertation was removed within weeks of being loaded onto the Amazon site. So there was no available rebuttal to prove the so called Review was a massive fabrication. The Dissertation, “John Morgan, Fool or Fraudster”, may still be downloaded from Google and from my website; any questions just ask.

The author of that disgusting pack of lies, John Morgan, committed suicide on 19th November 2015 so there is nothing to be gained by prolonging issues concerning him but you needed to know the truth. Mohamed al Fayed’s PR man, Michael Cole with whom I had just finished filming in London, phoned me at home on the 20th November 2015 to tell me, “Well, he has managed to top himself”. You need to know the truth to see what actions these monsters will contemplate to preserve the British monarchy.

Those who have read my book will see the difference between Inquest evidence and my earlier, untainted evidence that is in my book, showing the Inquest’s corruption. Just one example is where Sgt Kemp of Scotland Yard, who attended at Lionel Cherruault’s house in London the day after Diana’s murder and after Mr. Cherruault had been raided the night before said, “Is this being recorded”. Mr Cherruault said, “Of course not”. Sgt Kemp then told Mr Cherruault, “I have to tell you; you were not burgled”. Mr Cherruault was flabbergasted and said, “You mean they were grey men”, meaning MI6/MI5”. Kemp replied, “Call them what you like but you were not burgled. You would be surprised at the people they use”; i.e. criminals.

The raid was because MI6 needed to keep knowledge of the Fiat Uno that collided with Diana’s Mercedes at the entrance to the Alma tunnel away from the public and at that time it wasn’t globally known (Police denied the Fiat’s existence for two weeks after the attack). Cherrauault is a photographer; MI6 knew he had received photographs from Paris and the US; they thought of the Fiat that would have blown their subterfuge wide open. The coroner considered this was “Some “misunderstanding” between the policeman Kemp and Mr Cherruault”. My book is full of such examples of state corruption; this is why MI6 go to such lengths to prevent you from reading it. You will all demand JUSTICE; the untainted evidence has been there since March 2014.

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The author has enjoyed a variety of interests including being a drama student, an official candidate of the Conservative party and owning his own company but this is his first journey into the world of writing.