MI6 (Overview)-Much More Later…

Within a week of my book’s first release in September 2013 after Mohamed al Fayed had immediately ordered six copies, I was informed by Mohamed’s ex-Scotland Yard security man John MacNamara that my book had several errors.

I quickly reviewed the published book and sought to discover from whence these “errors” emanated; I needed to review the entire work.

One of my MI6 encounters was with an officer who sat next to me in the aisle seat next to my allocated window seat on board a Dash 8 plane from England to Douglas, Isle of Man in August 2013. He was very open and after a very brief moment said, “I had better introduce myself”. He said he currently worked at GCHQ, Britain’s spy centre and with computers. We discussed Diana during the flight and he reflected a note of despair concerning Diana; I liked him. He said, “We shall have a problem with your book” even though it hadn’t then been published (Proof he had access to my book before publication-then illegal in the UK. The UK tried to make this legal in 2014 but parliament rejected it; why bother, they do it anyway). When I told him they should stop going around murdering princesses he just hung his head onto his chest; there was no denial or offence taken. Why did he want to meet me? Perhaps to discover if I knew about their “errors” in my book since I would obviously correct them all before allowing publication, so MI6 would look foolish; unfortunately, I did not.

He came over to me by the airport baggage carrousel, looked me in the eye, and offered me his hand. He appeared sincere when he said, “Good luck Alan”; he obviously knew what was going down. I wasn’t going to reveal his name but the gloves are off; it is Patrick Condon.  I asked if there was any connection between him and a well-known and very senior British policeman; he said, with a smile on his face, he couldn’t possibly say (Sir Paul, now Lord, Condon was chief of the British police when Diana was murdered). GCHQ is the most likely place where this corruption against my book was executed; perhaps by Patrick? An ex SBS man also suggested to me that this corruption against me was better than the alternative; what could he have meant?

It occurred that if the file from my first release had been intercepted between the typesetters and the printers (i.e. after my first book’s final read through) people knew I wouldn’t re-check the file because it was going straight to the printers and then to Amazon et al. Also, the interposed “errors” needed to be on topics that people would immediately pick up on or the value to MI6 would be lost because if obscure, they might go unnoticed and so wouldn’t achieve the MI6 objective. But many people know the main facts and would notice these; this also applies to me. It’s unbelievable I would make such errors but that didn’t suit MI6’s purpose of my losing credibility.

An interesting aside is that GCHQ have proclaimed justification for their behaviour by maintaining their activities are, “in accordance with a strict legal and policy framework which ensures that our activities are authorised, necessary and proportionate” (July 2014; Authorised by whom). When this question is put to Theresa May, how will she answer?

Do you think it’s proportionate that anyone should apply censorship to a book, for any reason, in a supposed democracy let alone doctor the book’s substance to try and reduce the author’s credibility? If we don’t enjoy freedom of expression and thought then we are clearly not a democracy (As I state in my book). But if the book has nothing to say, why is there a need to censor it?

Most MI6 officers aren’t evil but some put narrow interests ahead of the people’s justice. Without accountability there is no justice. Without justice there is no democracy so accountability sits hand in hand with democracy. What accountability have we observed during this débâcle; none? But royals are in a unique position; every relevant issue in the land defers to them.

I was also followed from the Isle of Man to England by ferry and had those same people turn up at my home just weeks later. I also had MI6 turn up at my local pub to ask me, “What would it take for you to go away”; she didn’t mean on holiday. I wasn’t very responsive although matters were bleak and I confess I had begun to waiver. I asked her what would happen if I overcame their obstacles and she said “They will just kill you”.

A supporter who was a Cabinet Minister in David Cameron’s Cabinet, read my book and commented, “I always thought there was more to it than met the eye”.  He went to see MI6 on my behalf last April, “at a high level”, to ask appropriate questions; MI6 denied everything, of course; they applied their “Deniability” mode. I know a little more but I must be protective; it would serve no purpose.

Consider ladies and gentlemen whether you think it acceptable that I should be treated like a terrorist for doing what you may reasonably expect the state to be doing on your behalf; seeking justice for Diana, Princess of Wales.

About Alan Power

The author has enjoyed a variety of interests including being a drama student, an official candidate of the Conservative party and owning his own company but this is his first journey into the world of writing.