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Geraldo at Large (Aug 25, 2013)

I was on the Geraldo TV show live in New York on Sunday 25th August at 3.40 am but seated in a studio in London. I wasn’t told I would be confronted by Imogen Lloyd-Webber and that there was to be a debate. I checked her out after the show to find she lives in New York and is described as an apologist for the royals. Cambridge is from where most MI6 personnel emerge and she was at Girton College. She read history, specialising in the role of intelligence agencies in international relations; MI6 to greet me?

People were having difficulty obtaining my book on but I was told after many calls, confirmed by email, that my book was not classified as a regulated “Hazardous Material” product after all so could now be sold. Who has heard of a book being made of Hazardous Materials? I wonder who suggested this to Amazon thus preventing people from buying the book; any guesses. If MI6 then here is the intelligence agency of a foreign power perverting US citizens democratic rights; Amazon email confirming this is available. Our first shipment of books to the USA was turned back to the UK. I sent it back again and now over 1000 are in stock.

SAS soldiers said in the British National newspapers a few days ago that they knew about the plot to kill Diana; she was murdered but it wasn’t them and this is aside from witness N’s recent disclosures. It is possible because I wasn’t able to determine whether the “Increment” is made up of ex SAS/SBS troops or serving soldiers. MI6 use criminals in many of their activities so it does follow they may have been ex-soldiers to enhance MI6 deniability.

Good Morning America (Aug 19, 2013)


This one for Good Morning America was filmed in the centre of London. It went out to millions of Americans and a significant point during filming was that one of the US interviewers made the point that it would be a very clumsy way to murder someone. There was no reply after I had answered the point. I told them that MI6 witness A at the inquest, admitted being responsible for devising the plan to murder Slobodan Milosevic in a Geneva tunnel by using the military. The strobe gun was to be used to blind and disorientate the driver at the crucial moment.

The pillars were also described as being essential to increase the probability of death; all in identical fashion to the Paris attack on Diana. Since it was also proven MI6 archived this idea and so retained it for future use, does anyone believe MI6 would use a plan that was described as hit and miss by the coroner to murder the head of a European country; especially considering the consequences to MI6 of failure and thus discovery. MI6 couldn’t afford hit and miss; they needed for these attacks to look like an accident.

New York Post (Aug 18, 2013)

Very large piece coming in behind the “soldier N” revelation – Scotland Yard investigates Diana slay plot as forthcoming book details royal conspiracy.

Daily Star (UK) (Oct 8, 2013)

EXCLUSIVE: Princess Diana’s secret baby

The story of Diana being pregnant when she was murdered is considered here. Two witnesses, a radiologist Dr Elizabeth Dion and nurse Jocelyn Magellan, both gave statements prior to the inquests that they saw a foetus in Diana’s womb of between five and ten weeks which, of course, accentuated the motive for murder.

Sgt Philip Easton was tasked with finding Dr Dion but was unable to do so. However a news reporter from the Daily Mail did find her and gave the details to Easton who now had no choice other than to pursue the matter further. He apparently couldn’t persuade Dr Dion to attend court however and an irrelevant affidavit was accepted instead by the court. Dr Dion’s evidence was therefore not heard by the court and the judge was able to say that Diana was clearly not pregnant and accept that the reasons for embalming her against British and French law was entirely innocent.

Sgt Philip Easton, now DCI Easton, is the man now tasked by Scotland Yard to “scope” the evidence from SAS soldier N.

Daily Star (UK) (Oct 21, 2013)

Diana’s driver Henri Paul ‘assisted in his own murder as MI6 stooge’

Henri Paul was an MI6 asset and used by them as an adjunct to murder. He was instructed to drive the car through the Alma tunnel but without knowing the purpose so he unwittingly assisted in his own demise.
Also, there was no evidence he was drunk when it was proclaimed to the world that he was within two hours of his death, as proven in court. So why did the police lie to the public, especially at this particular juncture. The evidence described in detail in my book will show he wasn’t drunk at all but he was always intended as a scapegoat, just like the paparazzi.

Daily Star (UK) (Oct 2, 2013)

Princess Diana’s secret sex diary led to her ‘murder’

Diana wrote a dossier to protect her position and especially to ensure the royals wouldn’t be able to take the children away from her in a future custody battle that, once married to Dodi, she would have engaged in with gusto. It seriously endangered the monarchy because it described Charles Windsor’s sexploits and various other royal indiscretions. The dossier has disappeared and it’s not known whether a copy will appear one day. Certainly Simone Simmonds, Diana’s confidant and clairvoyant, had a copy and said that she destroyed it because she was afraid.

Brian Oxman Radio Show (Aug 28, 2013)

Brian Oxman, former lawyer to Michael Jackson.

Bill Feingold Radio Show (Sept 12, 2013)

Radio interview by phone. Bill Feingold runs a morning radio show in California, USA. It goes out to millions of listeners every morning and so I had a good hearing. Kevin Holmes, the producer sent me this link. I asked if he would remind the people that my book is now in stock after it was previously suggested to be made of “hazardous materials” so wasn’t available for purchase from I wonder who put this idea to Amazon, but it had the effect of keeping my book from the people for a few crucial weeks, just as the story was unfolding.

Russian TV appearance (Sep 26, 2013)

This was screened in Moscow to an audience of 100 million viewers.

Diario de Ibiza (July 28, 2013)

From earlier in the summer, this newspaper piece was my first exposure to publicity.


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