John Morgan: An unpleasant but necessary rebuttal


An unpleasant task follows; one I cannot sidestep. Someone called John Morgan from Brisbane, Australia has compiled several boring books about Diana over a few years taken from the inquest transcripts. My book is selling well; his aren’t selling. He has attacked my book with a criminal, so called, “review” that is false; I need to straighten the record. Morgan’s books are badly flawed but I show you he is a conman. Below is a PDF for a free download; the ultimate judgement I leave to you.

What I have written—and why

My book, the Princess Diana Conspiracy, has been selling well and convincing people about Diana being murdered; MI6 are not pleased. They tried to prevent my book from reaching the US market by turning the first shipment back to the UK; telling my book was made of “hazardous materials” so preventing it from being available around the time I was on four US TV shows and five US radio shows in early September; the critical time for sales. I also appeared on the Geraldo at Large show in New York and didn’t know I would be met by Imogen Lloyd Webber (MI6) who tried hard to debunk my views. Now MI6 recruit a failed author to assist them.

MI6 use Morgan’s services because he is more concerned about making money than achieving justice for Diana. He has latched onto “The Princess Diana Conspiracy” to advertise his several boring, disastrous books. He wrote his “review” based on his flawed opinions, not facts. Despite acknowledging the inquests evidence was corrupt, he extolls it and uses this same material to debunk my book and write all of his own books. Nobody can write a true account of what happened to Diana by using the very evidence one is criticizing without seriously challenging it. MI6 had ten years to sanitize evidence and Morgan’s views reflect the inquests findings, so he supports MI6.

I show a huge number of my supposed “errors” from Morgan are either complete nonsense, his ignorance of pre inquest evidence or his baseless opinions. Morgan presents his opinions as indisputable and other “errors” he calls my “Power Constructs”. These are where he doesn’t believe the evidence I present because he doesn’t possess it. All are my supposed errors and a large number are illustrated in the PDF. Morgan didn’t start looking into the details about this vile crime until 2006. I began in 2003 so I have this pre inquest evidence and am able to challenge the inquests.

Morgan even challenges my evidence because, “At no time did the authorities suggest there was more than one collision in the tunnel”; he has nothing else so relies on the court’s findings.
He attacks me by saying, “All investigative books-I include my own-have some errors. That is not the issue. The issue here is the level and type of error”. So he pins the justification for his attack on the level and type of my supposed errors that apparently indicate I am working with MI6 (I am not). So, if you agree the examples I show in the PDF don’t illustrate my association with MI6 and you may even regard his comments as pathetic, you show Morgan is a conman, a liar and/or demented.

This review was done out of necessity; I didn’t ask a criminal to lie about my book, out of the blue, for commercial reasons. If we are to have justice and bring the truth to light then I need to clarify Morgan’s purpose and send him to your mercy; not of my choice. Please find the time to read my full review and take your own stance. Don’t let this man pervert the course of justice now when my book takes us so close. Demand justice for Diana and champion our hoped for British democracy. Deny MI6 their hard fought for victory.

Download my rebuttal to John Morgan (PDF, 555kb)