Excerpts – Royal Behaviour

Royal Behaviour

The treatment of Diana also has much precedent within the current royal family. The incumbent monarch is directly related back to the first German monarch, George 1, then George 11, the infamous George 111 and then followed by George IV. This line has continued through to the present day. George 1 was reputed to have had his wife’s lover, Philip Christophe von Konigsmarck murdered for his “impudence” and his wife, Sophia Dorothea of Brunswick-Luneburg, was incarcerated for the last thirty years of her life in the castle of Ahlen in her native Celle and refused permission to ever see her children again.

When 111 died his son George 1V inherited the throne although he had been acting as Regent for the previous eleven years because of George 111’s mental incapacity. George IV had entered a sham marriage in 1785, when he was 23, to Maria Fitzherbert, one of his mistresses, but George managed to have that annulled. He was then ordered to marry Caroline of Brunswick (Sound familiar?) and did so on 7th April 1795; it lasted one year.

Caroline left Britain for Germany but upon George ascending the throne she returned since she was now the Queen although George refused to recognise her as his Queen. On the evening of George’s coronation 21st July 1821 Caroline was taken ill in her bedchamber. She was ill for three weeks before dying of what she had claimed was poisoning. On 7th August 1821 her body was taken to her native Brunswick for burial so that the people would more quickly forget.