Excerpts – Mishcon Note

 Mishcon Note

Another central issue concerns the ‘Mishcon note’. This was a note that Diana wrote to her lawyer, Lord Mishcon, years before the crash in which she stated that her husband, Prince Charles, planned to murder her in an ostensible car accident. Diana wrote this as a precaution with the express instruction it was to be handed to the police should the need arise, which of course it did.

Such was the note’s importance that when it was finally released in 2003 – after Paul Burrell, Diana’s ex-butler, made public a note of similar nuance from her that he had also been given – the authorities were forced to instigate an Inquest (It is my view that if Diana hadn’t given a similar note to Burrell that she had given to Mishcon, there would never have been disclosure of the Mishcon note and, therefore, no inquest; well-done Diana).