Excerpts – MI5


There is significant evidence that MI5, Britain’s Secret Service home division, raided the home of London-based Sipa agency photographer, Lionel Cherruault, in Kilburn at around 3.30am on 1 September 2007, twenty-seven hours after Diana’s crash. They stole computer hard disks together with credit cards and cash from Mrs Christine Cherruault’s purse in the hope that this would offer cover as to the true purpose of the break-in. All other electronic equipment was left untouched as they loaded their goodies into Christine’s car before driving off into the night. When the police arrived soon after the break-in, fingerprint checks were made but none were found.

Later, the next morning another detective arrived and made a startling statement: ‘I must tell you something,’ he began. ‘I’ve just read this report and have to confirm to you that you were not burgled.’ A flabbergasted Cherruault said, ‘You mean they were grey men?’ (Meaning MI5/MI6), to which the detective responded, ‘Call them what you like, you were not burgled.’ The commandeered car was found twenty-four hours later and held no clues; all fingerprints had been wiped clean. MI6 believed that photographs of the Fiat Uno that would show the white marks on the Mercedes and offer proof of the collision had been sent from LS Presse director, Laurent Sola, in Paris in the early hours of Sunday, 31 August, to Mr Cherruault at his home and they wished to continue to deny its existence.

Remember, this happened the day after the Paris incident and at this point, there was no known proof in the public domain that the Fiat existed; MI6 were trying hard to keep it that way.

On 16 June 2000, only weeks after Andanson’s bizarre death, the Sipa agency in Paris also enjoyed a raid from armed, hooded thugs, who once more stole hard discs, shot a guard in the foot and this time succeeded in gaining information on Andanson. It’s irrefutable that the search that took place in Andanson’s office was for the photos of Diana’s last moments that he had been bragging about to friends but the police did nothing in either case.