Excerpts – Coroners


Three coroners withdrew from the Hearing before Lord Scott Baker’s arrival. John Burton, the Royal coroner, retired through stated ill health (One wonders why the royal coroner was involved in the first place since Diana had already been stripped of her HRH and had left the royal family when her divorce from Charles Windsor was made Absolute on 29th August, just hours before she was murdered. Also, the fact that Diana was no longer royal is the very reason why the Queen objected to Diana’s body being returned from France on a royal flight).

During his summation Scott Baker mentioned crucial evidence from several witnesses concerning a powerful flash of light just as the Mercedes entered the Alma tunnel when he said ‘was a flashing light of this kind, a technique used by MI6 [see Tomlinson’s evidence] and could rogue officers have decided to use it here?’ Even at the end of proceedings he proclaimed that it could have been rogue officers but not MI6 proper, greatly assisted by Dearlove’s somewhat ridiculous and contradictory reversal of ‘evidence’.

It would also be interesting to ask Scott Baker what he believed several senior MI6 officers were doing in Paris during the attack on Diana – would they also be assisting rogue officers. If not, they would certainly be aware of their presence and that included Dearlove, who was in Paris and the then operations director of MI6. During proceedings, Dearlove had also admitted that all proposals for murder went through him.

This convoluted nonsense greatly strengthens our view that these Inquests were intended to be a stage-managed catharsis to satisfy the people and bury the truth of Diana’s murder for eternity, in defence of MI6 and the monarchy.