Excerpts – British Police

The British Police

The police always resolutely denied having any interest in Diana’s activities because they would have a serious problem in justifying such an interest, especially after the Paris incident, but the cracks were starting to appear. David Davies was a police chief superintendent with about thirty years’ service in 1997 who worked with the Royalty Protection group as OCU Commander (Operational Command Unit). He submitted to court that in 1997 he had ‘become aware through another protection group officer that Diana intended taking up Al Fayed’s offer of a holiday in the South of France and was taking the two princes.

Condon denies that these comments on Intelligence relating to Diana were made to him but Davies telephoned Sir Robert Fellowes and informed him that Diana was going to St Tropez with Al Fayed and said that Condon knew of this call.

Veness was asked why he needed to inform the Chief of Police about Diana holidaying with Al Fayed, thus revealing that several senior officers were taking a serious interest in this vacation. He tried to sidestep this but had to admit, ‘That would appear to be the position, yes.’

Isn’t it strange that Veness placed little or no interest in Diana when in 1992 it was his duty to guard her as a member of the royal family, but now he was extremely interested in early 1997 when she was no longer part of them and therefore not his responsibility?

Also, Prince Philip, the Queen’s husband, chaired a committee called ‘The Way Ahead Group’, where it is known that MI6 give prepared talks and one sees the influence that the royals have on life in Britain. This is not supposed to be the role of a monarch or their family in British ‘democracy’. The monarch is stationed as a mere figurehead and should not be taking executive decisions, yet it is beyond doubt that the royals have direct access to MI6 for discussion on issues that cause them concern.