Excerpts – Andanson


Richard Tomlinson, ex-MI6, and his ex-MI5 colleague, David Shayler, who were both pursued for disappointing their respective services by displaying extreme integrity, confirmed MI6 have used journalists or photographers for years. They can move freely and without suspicion and people expect them to travel from country to country and be involved with, or around, celebrities. James Andanson was not a ‘one-off’ paparazzi asset but one of several that had been used (and will be again) by the Security Services.

On 4 May 2000, Andanson drove, or was driven, 600km south to a town called Millau and after buying jerry cans of petrol, continued north to le plateau du Larzac, an open space of thousands of hectares used by the military. Here, he supposedly strapped himself into his BMW, fired two bullets into his head and then set fire to his body, fuelling the flames, in death, with more and more fuel until his remains turned to ash.

It was said that for a human body to be burnt to this degree, petrol would have to be constantly added, requiring a corpse to continue its own cremation for some considerable time after death, if it was to be suicide. It is fortunate Andanson chose this desolate spot because there was little chance of anyone causing a disturbance while his corpse was burning away. The keys to his BMW car were never found so, having first locked his car door from the outside; he must have used a carrier pigeon to whisk them away to a safe haven – yet verdict: suicide!

There is, of course, an alternative possibility: that it was another State-induced and then suppressed murder. The Inquests didn’t even allow Christophe Pelât, the Montpelier fireman who discovered Andanson’s body and who confirmed two bullet holes in his skull, to attend court even though he explicitly offered to do so.

Five weeks after Andanson’s death, the famous crime writer Frédéric Dard, also died from an apparent heart attack. It’s known that he and Andanson had been friends and in discussion about writing a book on Diana’s murder (Later evidence from the inquests). These raids and indeed the murder of Andanson would not have been ordered for an insignificant matter, so something seriously threatened the authorities’ tissue of lies. In addition to the paint marks, MI6 also needed to seize all photographs taken from around the Ritz, or in the tunnel, that might identify certain people. Why, unless for the obvious reason?