Poem: Elegy for a Murdered Princess

Cold Hecate’s wanderings in the night Have put the wings of light to flight Darkness reigns throughout the globe Pervading lives; despairing souls We sought the truth, till now in vain Embraced the anguish and disdain Lamenting angels hid their face Lost in sadness, bereft of grace Pale, grey men hide dispensing lies All love, […]

MI6 (Overview)-Much More Later…

I was informed by Mohamed’s ex-Scotland Yard security man John MacNamara that my book had several errors.

Problems with selling The Princess Diana Conspiracy

No support, prevarication then books destroyed by Amazon.

A Statement from Alan Power

It was hard to survive the state’s assault on me during these last few traumatic years but I am still here and ratcheting up my resolve.

John Morgan: An unpleasant but necessary rebuttal

There is an author called John Morgan who has attacked my book with a so-called review that is completely false so I need to put the record straight.

Thoughts from the Author

Having spent years writing The Princess Diana Conspiracy other thoughts inevitably come to mind so I thought to mention these to you as we progress. Read more…