A Statement from Alan Power

It was hard to survive the state’s assault on me during these last few traumatic years but I am still here and ratcheting up my resolve.

The evil act of murdering Diana, Princess of Wales must be answered and the truth known worldwide.

This message is getting through. On the channel 4 “The Royal House of Windsor” series, screened on 22-02-17, you may have heard of the monarchy’s penchant for murdering people it considers a danger or who place royal privileges at risk. You may also have noted that on the first mention of murder, the camera pans across Diana Spencer’s face.

Last year I tried to reach Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin who, as previous head of the KGB (FSB), has said he has evidence of MI6 involvement in Paris. Despite support from a British national newspaper that was coming with me to Moscow and months of discussions with the Kremlin plus the Kremlin insisting on a letter being formally sent by the newspaper to request an audience, a meeting was considered “Not possible” and no reason given.

Now please review all provable evidence put before you over the coming few months and prepare for a new major witness who will only give his devastating evidence before the princes, especially William who bears the burden of the crown; the witness is a monarchist. MI6 will know all about it but not who it is; I have been most careful.

So over the coming weeks I shall tell you of events during the last year or so and show that the state has treated me like a terrorist by blocking my sales and removing my funds in the hope that I can no longer function. They seek to cast me into the abyss so their corruption may continue unabated. Make no mistake; the continuance of their evil means that even now you are still being abused by the state; so much for freedom of speech in our “democracy”.

Donating to the cause

I now ask that all those who are financially able and wish to see justice done support my efforts by contributing to my fighting fund for justice using the donate button on this site. I can no longer walk alone and without your support justice is highly improbable.

Upcoming content

We are launching changes to this website that will include this review of provable evidence, available in my book, and a description of events engineered by MI6 to prevent me from reaching you. Let me have your comments; it is you who kept me sane over the last few years. Remember what Diana did for others and your feelings when she was murdered by your servants; MI6.

Remember Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind”; the nation and the world voiced their pain. That pain remains; Diana must have justice!

Here are two posts to set the tone; you won’t wait long for others.

About Alan Power

The author has enjoyed a variety of interests including being a drama student, an official candidate of the Conservative party and owning his own company but this is his first journey into the world of writing.