A State of Evil

An Original Paperback

A State of Evil describes the British Establishment’s reasoning for Diana Spencer’s brutal murder, as seen through the eyes of MI6.

I herein describe what happened before, during and after the Paris attack, based on knowledge I gleaned over ten years working on this subject.

You will journey through the MI6 justification for their action and perceive the trauma experienced by Special Forces troops that are more used to confronting soldiers; not a pregnant and abused woman, loved by the whole world, whilst journeying to the first period of marital happiness she was ever to have experienced. It was too much for some to bear.

A State of Evil must be described as a work of fiction because, although it is the reverse-engineered detail taken from my non-fiction work The Princess Diana Conspiracy (a book MI6 was keen to suppress since its release), where detail was lacking or I was unable to use names for whatever reason, I used creative reasoning to fill the gaps.

The basis for the book is solid but when a departure of thought is not supported by proven facts, one inevitably enters into an element of fiction.

One officer from MI6/GCHQ/Computer section, Patrick Condon (his real name, according to him) even sat next to me on a flight from England to the Isle of Man and told me they would have a problem with The Princess Diana Conspiracy; just weeks before its release.

Even Patrick hung his head when challenged over Diana; there was no denial of an attack. He even wished me luck.

This is a story of brutality, cruelty and betrayal, initiated for one purpose; to perpetuate a monarchy now considered by many to be past its sell-by date.


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